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My Plan For A Guitar

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Ok I've drawn up a plan for the guitar I'm going to make.

The basic shape is that of a les paul, but with different cutaway shapes. The right hand one (by the low e) is in the rough shape of the corresponding cutaway on the telecaster if you get my drift... not much of a cutaway really. The left hand cutaway (by the high e) is the rough shape of a 335 cutaway, but not so deep.

The body itself is gonna be quite small, perhaps even smaller than a LP.

It will have a regular 24-fret neck, and a 3-aside symetrical headstock, in black, with cream binding, and some sort of decal.

The body also will be black with cream binding around the edges, and the top will be a 'translucent' black so you can see the shape of the woodgrain through it.

It will have two cream p90 pickups, controlled by 1 volume and 1 tone control, and a 3-way selector switch in the lp-position.

It will have a trapeze tailpiece.

All hardware will be in gold!

How do you people like the sound of this guitar im gonna make? I sure love it!

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I havent decided on woods or pickup brands, this is just a preliminary sketch. Well at least im confident I love the look of it!

Forgive my ingorance, but what is TOM?

Tune-o-matic, a type of bridge. Most (if not all) Gibsons have them.

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