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i have a poplar body im going to start finishing soon and i need some tips on what not to do (and what i should do).

i need to do a final sand and fill in some old screw holes before i really get started. but what i have so far is a poplar body with a few dings in it that has a lot of greens in the wood color. what my plan is is to stain it in a drak walnut and finish the outside of the body with a dark brown kind of choclate color.

is there aything i can do to the wood before i stain it to ensure that every single ding dent and paper thin scratch wont show up? (my test board looks like it got ran over after i sanded it with 320 grit sand paper.)

also after i stain it before i laqur it what should i do?


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First hit the search key and read what has been posted here since time immemorial.

Dents and dings can be raised by steaming them. Use a wet cloth and a clothes iron..

This is a soft hardwood. Every little sanding scratch will show. Start sanding with about 120 and jump up about 30 for each step. (150, 180, .......) don't skip over any. When you get to where your're happy. stop. I go to about 220 or so with poplar.

Stain it. Look at it and cuss about the little spots you've missed. Fix 'em. Spray it with sanding sealer. Sand. Spray. Sand. Keep going until you're happy. Spray lacquer.

Follow the tutorials that you've searched and read about.

Post your confusions and questions.

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