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Finally Lo Pro Edge Received

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I was waiting since 1st july this bridge and the locking nut for Wizard II necks (16" radius). Now that I have the bridge in hand I can see that the knifes are differents. It seems that I can change them now. Not as my Lo Pro on my JEM dated 1997 and I also noticed Ibanez Rules sells Knifes Edge set. This lets me to think it is so.

Anyone know if am I right or not?

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The knives on the Lo Pro Edge are supposed to be "different". The left side is flat and the right side is curved. It is actually a plate that is installed in the base, and it can be replaced. But it doesn't sound like yours needs to be replaced. While you are over at Ibanez Rules, read the sections on properly setting up your knife edges and studs.

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The bridge is new. i don't need to replace them. I was just asking cuz I always thought they weren't replaceable and I was wrong. I'm happy to be wrong on that B)

FYI In italy Ibanez stuff costs so less than USA, about 60$ less (the LoPRO) :D But you have a lot of stuff cheaper than here :D

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