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Neck Alignment

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Hey guys i bought a crappy strat body off ebay and everything's out of line, but unfortunately i have to use it for a while. (my regular guitar's on the other side of the country and there's no sign of it coming home)

i've put everything on including the neck but it's tilting to one side a bit. thus the bass string is about 4mm in from the side of the fretboard, and the high e is just about over the fretboard. I have to increase the neck pocket dept so i'll be working on that area a little. if i just fill the screw holes in the neck and widen the pocket on the necessary side and insert a shim type thing on the other will that work? obviously i'll redrill the neck screw holes. any other suggestions?

I won't be too upset if i ruin this body since it's just a mess around with type, just to get an idea for working with guitars so nothing's really undoable.



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You can most of the time adjust a bolt-on neck by doing this.

-take off string tension by detuning them until there is no pressure pulling on the neck.

-loosen the 4 bolts on the back some so the neck can be adjusted.

-now you can push the neck to whatever side it needs to go, to align it properly.

-tighten the 4 bolts while holding the neck in the correct position.

You might need someone else to hold the body while you push the neck, but it can be fixed. If it won't adjust enough, then think about adjusting the neck pocket some.

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