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Lace Sensor Dually


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i really hate to ask for help on something that should be this simple but...

customer brought me an old fender bullet and a lace sensor blue/red pup that he wanted installed with a three way switch getting front coil/both coils/back coil with a volume and tone control. well, i've never fooled around with the dually before and haven't found any diagram that does what i need. if the people that set up the lace music site had tried real hard they could have made their diagrams a little more confusing but not much. :D

so a couple of questions please..do the duallies use 500k or 250k pots and has anyone found a site with an uderstandable diagram for what i'm trying to do?

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thanks..but my confusion comes from the fact that each coil has 3 wires. and the answer may be here in a half hour. my business partner says he has the exact diagram that i'm looking for. and if he doesn't i'll play with it 'til i figure it out which is what i should have done instead of whinning here..but their webbsite still sucks! :D

edited to say never mind..the whole thing just became moot since a lace sensor dually won't even fit into an '83 bullet metal pick guard any way. and if it did i'd have to rig some way to mount it as the humbucker that came out of it had four mounting holes. oh well..somedays chicken and some days feathers.

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