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Fretboard Damage

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A chip like that in rosewood can be difficult to repair cosmetically, because of all the grain lines that run through it. The regular approach would be to fill it with a mixture of super glue and rosewood dust then fine-sand it flush with the board, but it will stand out even more because the patch will have no grain lines in it (at least the bottom of the dent does).

You can still use that approach if you're more worried about the feel of it than the appearance, but it will probably look worse than it does now. At the first fret, I don't imagine you're feeling it much anyway. I'd leave it.

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It lloks like a dent rather than a chip, and it appears that no fibers are broken, so it should be fixable.

You'll need a paper towel, tissue of peice of rag, and a soldering iron. Twist a paper towel into a spear, and soak it with water. Lay the 'spear' into the dent, and then touch the soldering iron to the paper, which will force steam from the water into the wood. This should swell the wood and force the dent out. I can't guarantee the dent will disappear completely, but it will be significantly reduced.

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I agree with westhemann. If you are unsure about the methods suggested, leave it alone. If you deside to try this; I agree with Setch. It looks more like a dent. Thy Setch's method. If it doesn't help have a look at this:


Its a bit tricky, but I have tried it with good results.

Good luck


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