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Mounting A Bartolini Mm5 Bass Pickup

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OK, my Bartolini MM 5-string bass pickup came with no mounting screws. I tried some #6 wood screws, but they're too large to fit the holes in the pickup. The pickup is just under an inch thick, and I can find no #4 wood screws long enough to do the job (at least at Home Depot or Lowes).

Am I the only one without screws? If anyone's mounted one, how'd you do it? It has 2 holes on the bass side and one on the treble side; no ears, just holes through the ends of the cover.

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I don't know those pickups personally so I don't know but I ran into a similar problem with getting a pickup with no screws and I eventually found some at a hobby shop for remote control airplanes and remote control cars and stuff like that. I tried all the home depot type stores with no luck, and was about to order some from the company for a bunch of $ when I found that little hobby shack.

The problem with the home depot ones were the threads weren't tight enough, I found some that would fit but they would go on wobbley, and would have been no good. The ones I bought at the hobby store were absolutely perfect, and cheap! Try that if you have no luck getting some, they might be able to help you, just bring the pickup with you thats what I had to do. Good Luck man. Later. J

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Most music shops that sell guitars will have a small selection of screws. If you ask they can probably help you out. If that doesn't work, a real hardware store will carry what you need (hard to find real ones though, most have been run out of business by large chain stores).

Peace, Rich

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