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Slide Switch Mounting...

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Ok here's the simple question.

Is there a way to put a slide switch on a guitar without a pickguard, directly on wood?

(told ya it was simple)


The simple answer is, quite simply, "yes"

HOWEVER. You have to be sure the wood is thin enough so that the switch pokes up (i would think it would need to be no thicker than the average pickguard)

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I don't know much about routers so I can't tell you anythign about that, but it WOULD be quite fragile. Of course if you can somehow get it down to that thickness in JUST the small area of the switch(es), the fragility shouldn't be a problem. what you COULD do, is cut a hole (square hole in this case) a bit larger than what you need for the switch, then use a small square of pickguard material as a mount for the switch, screwing it to the wood. That way you could leave the top the standard thickness but still have you slider switch, if all that just meant anything to you. This may not be the look you want but its all I canthink of at the moment.

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Don't think that the router would tear up the wood if you:

1 Have a sharp bit

2 Make light passes and

3 Stay away from figured woods.

I havn't tried it myself, but I saw a guy that did this on a bass. He soaked the thin wood with low viscosity super glue(after the routing) to reinforce it.

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Mahogany should not be a problem. I have made neck shims that start from 2 mm (less than .090") and tapers to nothing. If you doesn't have a curly piece, you should be fine.

Just try to keep it as thick as the slider switch alow for, just to be on the safe side.

Most pick guards range from 0.08 to 2.3mm (=.030 to .090" ), and that could be used as a reference. Try to aim for someting like 2.5mm or thicker if the switch have a long lever

This shouldn't be much diferent from mounting a strat style switchdirectly in wood, and that is common practise


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