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"slipping A Fretboard"

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i have a samick les paul copy

brought to me by an individual

who is a serious player with limited resources ($'s)

the neck

with strings removed

& truss rod disengaged

has .060+ relief in 7th to 9th fret area

i have read of heating fingerboards

to soften the glue

with the neck clamped in slight backbow

to help correct this problem

i have the stewmac fret jig in my shop

as well as a fretboard sized heating blanket

which i use for fretboard removals

so the above technique

is easily doable

my question...

should i score the finish on the neck

at the glue line to prevent

fracturing the finish at that point

or will the heat soften the finish enough

to allow it to move with the slip of the fretboard

anyone here with any experience

in this area



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If you have to ask this question, AND you're charging clients, i suggest you hand back the guitar immediately, close the shop, and go get a job doing something other than guitar repairs. I MEAN SERIOUSLY, you either are not ready, have no idea what you are doing, or you have totally, totally, stuffed up the description of the problem.

Or, maybe you're just looking for the hardest way to do a simple fix?

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I highly recommend you watching the Dan Erlewine Fretting videos and the Maintenance & Setup: Electric Guitars Vol 1 & 2. Not only watch them, but put them to practice on cheap guitars until you get the hang of it. There is a lot of things you should know before venturing into guitar repair. We aren't saying you can't do it, but judging from the question you asked, it's apparent your not ready for repair work just yet.

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