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Sharpening Round Chisels..


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Does anyone have any best advice on how to sharpen round chisels..?

I was going to use an oilstone as with other chisels..but I'm a little concerned about flatting areas...which should be round!

My father probably told me how years ago..but bit stumped on this now..!

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Yes....I have various sizes (that I just aquired)...I just call them round chisels...but gouge is the proper word of course..

I've never seen a cone shaped oilstone..time for a bit of googling.

The only thing is, the sharpened edge is on the outside, not the inside

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One way is to use these, as noted above:


Another way is to use a flat stone and make figure 8's, rolling the gouge across it's edge.

I use these micro abrasive sheets:


A tip I got was to gouge out a hollow channel in a piece of soft wood (I used Cedar) then seat a piece of the micro abrasive in the channel and you have a perfectly shaped sharpening block. I then follow that with the paper wrapped around a dowel to hone off the burr on the inside of the gouge. Works great...CLEAN too, as I don't use any lubricants with thre papers.

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i do a good bit of wood turning and sharpen all of my gouges on a verticle 1" belt sander with a 220 grit belt..at least it was when i started. after sharpening the outside edge i de-burr them with an old round eramic electical insulator. for the smaller ones i an old round oil stone. then i fine tune them on a homemade strop made from an old belt naild to a piece of wood.

to find an easier way you might see if you can find a wood turning or wood carving forum to ask.

oops, i just read the rest of M_A_T_T's post..he already found you an easier way. :D

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