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Metal Stamping


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I have always wondered how much effort is required to make, lets say a custom tele control plate. What type of machine would I need. where would I get the material?

not like I am going to go out and get all of this stuff, but i am interested in seeing what it takes. I have seen a couple of kick presses on ebay in the chicago area and just being curious george.

Also any forums some of you guys are on dealing with this let me know.



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what I really want to do is take a tele control plate, and instead of having the three way switch I want a pot hole. so I would have three pot holes and I would take the toggle switch to where it is on a lp. I think thats what Jeff Beck had on a tele. I have a customer who wants one that looks like that.

I would need one now, and maybe 50 of these for other models and whatnot. Some equipement is so cheap here in chicago, they call us the rust belt for a reason.

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Derek, If you have some dimensions of what you want I can lay it out on my Cad and then I can get you a price on having 50 pcs cut with a laser.

Although, I would have to imagine that there is a laser cutter in you area.

This is going to be the cheapest route for the small quantities you are looking for. To stamp out what you are talking about is going to take at least a two station progressive die (one station to punch the pot holes and one to punch out the outside shape) or two individual dies to do the same thing.

As far as laser cutting goes I would think you could probably get those cut for about $2 or $3 each including the material. You still need to account for finishing though (polishing and smoothing and plating).

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You could run over to the tele modders forums and probably sell them all in a heartbeat, they talk about those type of plates all the time. Just dont tell them how much they cost you! On that note it's too late here and if I need one I will remember the $3.7 :D:D

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