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Problem Adjusting Intonation

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This is on a strat with a 2 point screw tremolo system, before I continue.

Anyway, the 12th fret on the high E is flatter than the open string (not too bad, but enough to piss me off). I've tryed adjusting the intonation, but alas, the actual screw is blocking the saddle from moving any closer the neck. I'm not to keen about raising the action so the saddle will fit over it, I'd rather here your suggestions first.

Anyone know how to resolve this? Help greatly appreciated :D.

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Perry speaks the truth. Try a fresh set of strings and then intonate. I suppose you could cut the screw down a bit to give it more clearance if you need to. I think the fresh strings will cure the problem though. The 1st strings are notorious for getting stretched out and not staying true to pitch in the higher frets after a while.

BTW, I have a hard-tail strat that has a similar problem on the 6th string. I had to remove the spring that sits between the saddle and the bridge, and change the screw to a shorter version to correct the intonation. It's about as tight as it can go and the intonation is still *just* a little off. I actually had to adjust my playing to work around it eventually. :D

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I didn't want to start a new thread because my question is related to this one.

First the preamble:

I changed the neck and the saddles on my (carvecaster)--prior to that the guitar intonated correctly.

Originally it had a bigsby--and it still did when I put it together the other day. I didn't bother intonating it at the time, I was just putting it together to see what kind of adjustments it might need.

After I'd made those adjustments--including ditching the bigsby and drilling string holders in the back of the bridge plate--I strung it up again WITH the same strings--so this includes the kinks in the strings from the bigsby.

I went to intonate it --using an Intellitouch clip on tuner because I was too lazy to break out my pedal tuner (the Intellitouch always tunes slightly sharp, by the way).

In order to get it close to intonated, I had to move the saddles as far back as they would go--except on a couple of the strings (high E and :D I couldn't get the saddles back far enough (because the bridge plate screws were in the way).

I should mention that the saddles are farther back than they SHOULD be --i.e., measuring the scale length from the neck, they're a good 5 mm or more beyond where they should be.

Now the question and the reason why I'm ganging onto this thread: is this intonation problem related to the damaged condition (bent up ball ends, etc.) of the strings?

Is intonation affected by whether the string itself is tuned sharp (or flat)?

Should I not worry about this?

I'll be changing the bridge soon anyway and I've got to refinish the guitar first--but if I'm going to have to move the bridge backwards, I'd prefer to route that before I start spraying.


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