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Strat Bridge: Vintage Vs. Floating

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I'm ordering a new (Warmoth)body that can be routed for various bridge types. I have a pristine vintage bridge (six screw) but wonder about any advantages to eith the two pin Fender or maybe even the Wilkenson. I don't use trem much...but want the option kept open. Probably use the wood block technique for a temporary hardtail set up. Thanks for any replies that I gert before I commit to routing option.


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Thanks. I'm still vacillating (not vaseleneing!!!). I've given some consideration to abandoning the Fender bridges in favor of a Wilkenson. I appreciate the comments. Re: the "abuse limitations" -- I have seen two different strats' vintage bridges get strained and sprung. Also, I hear about the POTENTIAL tuning limitations of the floaters.

Anyway, all the info is great to get.


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