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Sort of. That's sort of what an E-Bow does. :D Another way of doing it is to rout some of your audio to a small speaker aimed directly at the strings. This causes the strings to feed back, though, not the pickups themselves. If your pickups are feeding back, it's a god-awful screech that you don't want any part of.


Just stand in front of your amp when it's turned up to high volume. :D


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Out of curiosity, would there be any way to induce feedback from my pickups with a magnet of sorts?

Yes...an electro magnet...

a magnetic kind of pickup that will move your strings driven by the guitar output signal thru a small amp

like that!

An ebow is the same thing that can be held in the hand and works on one string at a time.

A magnet won't itself do anything except perhaps cause a damping of vibrations and strange harmonics by stopping some modes of vibrations ("wolftones") that can happen also when pickups (particularly strats) too close to the strings.

Theoretically...if you had a magnet or series of alternate pole magnets and moved them across a string at exactly the right speed (frequency) for that note (faster than you could physically do by hand I'd say) you could make some kind of bow effect but it is not at all practical...and it wouldn't really be feedback but a kind of bowing device...just throwing that out there.

Otherwise no...but feel free to join in on the sustainer ideas thread that is really about anything feedbacking or sustain (and possibly the best place, rather than the tutorial section for such questions :D ) ... pete

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