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i was planning on wiring up my single bridge humbucker (KA ultra dist) guitar with a vol, a DPDT on-on-on (series-split-parallel) and then a separate killswitch.

but id rather have 1 switch, and a friend just gave me a DPDT on-off-on switch

so i wanted to know how i would go about wiring it series-off-parallel?


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Easy! - you can wire it exactly the same way as the on-on-on, such as in this SD diagram:


Using an on-off-on instead will make this diagram do series-off-parallel.



i did it and the centre position (kill) is really really really (really) noisy.

i just found a dpdt on off on schematic (should have done that at the beginning)and it looks like its just breaking the circut rather than grounding the hots.

now ive opened the packet i cant get my friend to switch it for an on on on :D.

is there a way to wire it so it grounds the hots?

or whatever i need to do for a silent killswitch

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Im very sorry if this has not worked out for you.

An on-off-on is fully disconnected in the central position, so it cant ground the hot wires .

Having a shorted out kill switch can be slightly quieter, but when I tried a similar arrangement the difference was not much, and not as bad as you describe.

Heres some ideas

Presumably you have the volume control after the switch, so that it is directly wired to the jack?. This would provide some grounding to the jack hot lead in the off position.

A very cheap guitar lead will cause noise if not connected, at least a reasonable average one should not (which I assume you have). Screening in the guitar will help. If you do not have a screened interior, that is worth doing to reduce all types of noise, including this problem.

Also, if the wires from switch, to volume to jack are all screened, that will help. Use the inner core as the connection wire, and attach the outer braiding to a ground point.

With hindsight however, all that may not be enough to fully fix it with the noise you describe. The series/parallel diagram has one of the coils always connected with one wire to hot, so it may be picking up some noise even when off.

Appologies again.

Edited by JohnH
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