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David Dyke Is A Legend

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This guy is great, for those of you who don't know him, David runs a tonewood supplies here in the UK.

Before I spoke to him, I had already spoken to touchstone tonewoods, and craft supplies, both of whom wheren't really that helpful.

I sent an email with my cutting list to david based on the recommendations on this forum. He phoned me first thing this morning to discuss my order, and actually talked me through quite a lot of issues I didn't consider.

He is also going to cut my body wood pieces (mahogany) based on a template so that i'm not ordering more wood than I need (its an explorer shape), he also helped me work out the widths for the three piece neck laminate.

My wood will be ready for delivery on monday, and all this for under £100.00.

Any of you guy's in the UK who aren't sure where to get your tonewood, I can't recommend David enough, such a nice guy and very knowledgeable. And good prices too :-)

His Website: http://www.luthierssupplies.co.uk/main.htm

The site is old, and out of date, but give the guy a ring or an email, the service is second to none.

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It has been my experience that most wood guys are absolutely 100% cool, they are some of the nicest people I've ever dealt with, glad you found a good one too, there's plenty more out there like him, as I have dealt with many many wood guys, and at least 98% of them were as nice as nice can get. :D

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