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The Neck Curve/radious

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sorry,i did search and there's nothing on building necks :D

all i really need to know is how to make the curves,i already have the neck shape cut out and routed down to size,and it just needs curved...and i dunno how to do that,can anyone help me?

thank you

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Short version: I shape the two 'ends' of the carve with a half-round rasp, facet the neck (mark out straight lines to follow, remove wood between them, until it's vaguely the right shape), generally using a microplane rasp, smooth out the countours with saidsame rasp, sometimes a file, sometimes a japanese hacksaw rasp, clean up/fine tune with scrapers and sandpaper.

Even more basically: remove wood until it feels like a neck, and make sure all the lines are smooth, even and straight. Sanding blocks helpful.

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