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I Love This Tool


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There's a new measureing straight edge from StewMac...

String Action Gauge

I simply can't say enough about this little thing. It's already paid for itself in the first day.

I had no idea just how badly set up all my electric gutiars where until I got this. I've been able to tweak and lower the action on all my guitars and I am gob smacked! It made fast guitars even faster.

Oh, and it can also be used to measure the depth of a router. Not bad, and really cool if you want to be dead on for your depth.

And now the obligitory emoticon... :D

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ahh, I've just ordered one... now lets see if they are as good as you saythey are... (a bit of a steal at only £15 inc. p+p, and I have trouble setting up my guitars...

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