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Neck Build Questions

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Hi Guys, First time builder here, I have reached a critical point in my neck build.

I saw the post and replies to the stew mac hot rod double action truss rod by mu_sound. I purchased the same truss rod to put in my Telecaster Style neck.

I have routed out the slot for the truss rod starting at the head of the neck, and ran it the whole length of the neck, now I am confused as to how this truss rod is accessed for adjustment. Do I install it with the adjustment end recessed into the heel of the neck or make it accessable at the head?. The pics on the stewmac site show the "Fender" style adjustable from the neck heel, which means you have to remove the neck to adjust it.

Also I bought a Warmouth pre-made ebony fretboard and I'm trying to figure out how much of the nut end I can cut off, there is about one inch of wood above the nut slot, also where on the neck the nut postion is.

As I am building a Tele style neck the headstock will radiussed up towards the nut.

Is there a specific dimension to use

As a first time builder I find this stage of the build very "scary". It seems the closer I get to completion the closer I get to completely screwing things up. I have made several mistakes on this project so far which led to total panic, only to find that when the panic settles down and I look again at the problem there was a way out. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this experience.

I appreciate your input...

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You can put the truss rod in either way, have a look at the picture on the right hand side of this page.


Having it at the neck is easier access, but slightly weakens the headstock. But thats a non issue as far as I can tell as most guitars have it at the headstock, and are problem free.

As long as the distance from the nut to the bridge is correct, it doesn't matter where (within reason) you put the nut. I wouldn't leave more than 10mm though. Dont know what is usual for a Tele neck but very little acording to this pic.


Btw, mistakes are good cause they help you learn ;-)


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