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What Is The Most Uv Protective Clear Finish?

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I have a nice pink ivory board at home that I am going to get a top out of for a guitar for the GF and a fingerboard for a fretless bass for myself. It's a really great bright pink with wild compact fmaming all throughout.

I've heard that Pink Ivory, along with Purpleheart and other colored woods, has a tendency to darken with age and exposure to light. I would like to counteract this as much as possible to retain the color of the woods over the years that the instruments will be played. What kind of clear finish would best acheive this?

I probably won't be using the Pink Ivory for a bit, as I am still working on my first bass, and I want to make sure my skills are up to snuff before slicing that board open, but I wanted to start getting ideas for a finish asap.


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spar varnish and spar eurathane, both made for marine applications, are probably the highest in uv protection. you can also buy uv additives to add to your finish.

we did a thread on this not long ago. you might do a search to get the full scoop but i think what i just said was the jist of it.

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I've only tried this once and it worked. Wipe the stained wood down with Armor all. I used regular Deft over it . Had to use about four or five mist coats to get it to lay out right, but it worked. I got this tip from a friend who builds jewelry boxes. I used it on some hand mirror frames I made out of osage orange and purpleheart. They did darken over time, but not as badly as unprotected and it took maybe five years to really show. I don't know what kind of problems you'll get trying to do a larger surface like a guitar. I have read and heard stories of larger tabletop type jobs but I only have direct experience with small stuff.

Can't hurt to try a test board.

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Cool, thanks for the input guys!

I would be very interested to see the other thread, but my insufficient search skills aren't helping. Any idea what the thread was titled?

*edit* Strike ^ That, I found it. B)

I would never have thought about Armor-all. Interesting. I may have to give that a try on some scrap. :D:D

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