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anyone ever tung oil mahogany?

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I've oiled several necks, bodies, whole guitars, mostly mahogany, with oil blend finishes (TruOil, Danish oil; I'd never use 'pure' tung oil. Ever.). Feels fine. I never grainfill when I oil finish, feels great to me. I tend to either oil or shellac/french polish my mahogany necks, never any grainfiller on the shaft, and I like them that way, satin, non-glossy, non-sticky.

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I'm wandering what the whole beef with true Tung Oil is?
It's definitely thick like syrup, but it works very well and smells nice to (no dangerous chemicals, either). I've used Rockler's Organic Tung Oil on Maple, Mahogany, Alder, and Canary. It looks great, though it does have a tint to it and does darken up the edges a bit (though the Woodburst Tung Oil I've used does the same thing). I like to rub it on the wood, let it soak in for a few minutes, then buff it all away. Leaves a nice sheen.

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I've got two maple necks oiled and two mahogany necks oiled. The mahogany necks require 4 times as much maintenance as far as reoiling them goes. Moisture and oil/drirt from your hands makes the grain rise and feel a bit course. easy fixed with a rub down with 800/1000 grit wet and dry. and a reoil every 6 months with medium to heavy use is required. If the guitar is to be gigged every week then I would advise not to oil a mahogany neck. No problem gigging an oiled maple neck....K

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