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Follow Up On My Previous Thred About Thin Guitars

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Okay so now I know i'm gonna do a thin guitar. I found a peice of quilted maple that is 1" thick. I also found a neck that is 1" thick and the right size and such. But I don't just want to glue the wings of quilt onto the maple center. So is it possiable or advisable to rout out the size of the neck into the back of the quilt peice so that it slips up into the quilted peice and than glue it? You would only see the neck through from the back and just have that nice quilt from the front.

So what do you think? Is my plan sound or have I gone off the deep end :D:D

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Are you only going to have a bridge pickup? I ask because there might not be enough wood in the area under the neck pickup rout to support the neck. Fundamentally though, gluing the neck in from the back would be fine.


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Thats a good point and I've been thinking about it. I think it will be fine as black machine guitars have both neck and bridge pickups. There necks are even bolt on and there made of mahogany.

I could put some CF rods in the back of the body going from the start of the neck to the end pin to help strengthen it.

Or I could always make the neck a laminate with some freakin hard woods. Like ebony, wenge, and bloodwood.

Using The P-90 pickups I have there would be 1/4" of wood behind the pickups.

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As long as you route minimal depth for the neck pickup, and you have some side support, you'll be fine. Remember, you're using Maple. So whatever thickness rules apply to Alder, Mahogany etc. don't necessarily apply here. You'll have no need for side support or rods. If you're using normal P-90's you should have more than 1/4" behind them. Are you measurements for the P-90 sitting flush with the body top, or have you allowed for the fretboard and string height?

As for your neck attatchment method it sounds fine, just go as close to the top as possible. Leave only about 1/8" if you can.

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