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Bigsby Replacement Saddle

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one of my regulars came in today wanting to replace the regular aluminum compensated saddle on his bigsby trem with a "plastic" one that the owner of a local vintage guitar shop told him about. i did what i think is a pretty thorough search and couldn't find one. i did find a couple of sources for one with individual adjustable saddles which is pretty cool but not a plastic one.

anyone heard of them? had any experience with them? have a source for them?


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Maybe the guy's confused and was thinking of graph tech stuff?

could be..have you ever heard of a graphtech replacement saddle for a bigsby?

never mind..i'm either getting stoopid in my old age or i've become too dependant on this forum..i know the guy that he said told him about it..i'll call him tomorrow..

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nope, not the tailpiece..a bigsby has the tailpiece with the roller portion that the strings go thru then an adjustable bridge that the saddle sits on..he's had trouble breaking strings and was told that there was a plastic replacement saddle that sounded good and was easier on strings..

but like i said above, i'll call the "source" today and see what's up.

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