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In Praise Of Ridgid Toos


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i have always been a big fan of delta and jet tools. everything in my shop is one or the other. when i started shopping for a 14" bandsaw several years ago i settled on the jet with the larger motor and closed cabinet and have been very satisfied with it.

last week my partner at the music shop, who also builds custom short scale basses, bought a ridgid 14 incher and i have to say that i'm very impressed. it's a very heavy machine. while assembling i noticed that all of the holes matched up and were very clean..no slag to clean out. when completed it was very stable. the table is very substantial. the blade and bearing adjustment have fine tuners. the top wheel alignment knob and the blade tensioning control are exactly like my jet. it has the capability to add an extension for a larger throat area.

in other words, besides not having a closed cabinet it appears to be an excellent machine..the big difference is that i paid over $600 five or six years ago and my partner paid less than $400 for his. so if you're looking for a quality bandsaw at a reasonable price i'd say that ridgid deserves a close look.

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I second that, it's the same saw that is set up in my shop. Not the best saw available, but for that price I think it is unbeatable. I think mine came in pretty close to $365 after tax. I have also been very satisfied with their 6" jointer, easy to set up, good weight, and maintanence is quick and easy. Jointer cost close to the same as the bandsaw.

Nate Robinson

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