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Post Amp Volume Pot


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if you wanted to control the volume on a couple of tweeters on an amp could you just put a pot in line and if so would it have to be a special type of pot?

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Why do you want to do this? Most people use an EQ to bleed off the highs.

i don't actually..one of my guitar instructors is looking for the perfect sound. :D we've replicated the woofer and tweeters out of an old peavy main and it's reeeely close. he just wants to play with controlling only the tweeters without effecting the woofer. i told him that my concern was fooling with the total impedence..right now we've got it wired with a resistor on the woofer to make the total impedence including the two tweeters match what the amp calls for.

anyway, that's the reason for the question.

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