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Filling Sc Pickup Holes

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Hi there,

I recently found this site and decided that since I needed a back up guitar I would buy a cheapie and do some work on it.

I bought a washburn that has 2 single coils and a humbucker, 1 volume, 1 tone, and a 5 way blade type switch.

I want to refinish the guitar and I have someone lined up to do some custome graphics.

I want to go with a single humbucker with a volume control only. Does anyone have any ideas of what to fill the single coil holes and other extra holes with? I was thinking of glueing a small block inside the electronics cavity and tremolo hole but I am unsure of filler material that will not look bad when sanded and painted and also possibly add to the tonal qualities of the guitar. The guitar has a basswood body, and I plan to drop a SD screaming demon into it. I also am thinking of going with a tune 'o matic bridge. The guitar had a 'vintage' tremolo and I have a floyd rose I am debating about putting into it, but I would also need to do some filling if I go with a fixed bridge. I was also thinking of filling the biggest part of the pickup holes wood blocks but am unsure of the filler material.

Any help or resources greatly appreciated!



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The tutorial on converting from a tremolo to hardtail should give you all the information you need for filling pickup holes as a lot of the information applies.


As far as what wood to use, I've asked the same question and never got an answer. I personally have used poplar, both boards and dowels for filling holes. Usually for filling holes I drill them out to 3/8" and then glue in 3/8" poplar dowels with Titebond, allow the glue to dry for 24 hours, and then cut off the excess with a flush cut saw. You might also want to dremel/route a small channel around the outside of the filled area, like in the tremolo conversion tutorial, and fill with wood epoxy filler so that the hole won't be obvious after painting. I've had minimal problems with it showing through, but it was obvious on the last guitar I did it on. When it won't be seen, like for trem posts that will be covered up by the new bridge, I don't do that.

The RG to Jem conversion tutorial that covers converting to a Jem style output jack has a picture of filling the old hole with a dowel. It can be found here:


A lot of the tutorials on the main site have information that can be applied to other tasks. Good luck!

Remember the Alamo, and God Bless Texas...

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Thanks for the reply.

The links look helpful and I'll have to spend some time reading up!

I did seriously think about buying that squire, and a few other guitars likek that also but I wanted something to do with the actual modification and getting my hands a little dirty in the process. I have always loved woodworking and have refinished an old dean several years ago and was really satified playing that guitar in public knowing I did the work myself....I guess I'm being selfish <lol>

Anyway, thanks again. the dowels are a great idea!


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Man, I would have just bought one of these. :D

Reasons not to get a Squier Bullet

Reason #1: The Bullet bodies are made of plywood.

Reason #2: The fit and finish is crap. The ones I saw at GC had gaps between the neck and body in the pocket because all of them were cut unevenly.

And I don't hate Squier. I have a blue Affinity strat that I put Lace Sensors in. The only other thing I'd change is the tuners. I love the one pickup w/ volume setup. So I bought a Tom Delonge strat. http://www.e-muzyk.pl/company/256/device/s...delonge_mex.jpg.

Remember the Alamo, and God bless Texas...

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there is a thread way back in the "in progress" section where a dude converted a 2 hb strat into a 1hb strat for an EVH copy. He used some kind of epoxy putty to fill the thing and by the time he was done priming and repainting you would never know there was a cavity there. I've seen the putty at woodcraft. other places would probably have it. It's an epoxy filler i guess. comes in a squeeze tube.

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Thanks for all the replies, being new to this site I needed to look around a little. I read the post :D and thought out how I want to do this. I also looked around town and found that wood epoxy putty so I'm aces at this point! :D

I will take some pics and post them when finished.

Thanks again to all of you, I just can't wait to get started!!!\


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