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Rough Sketch

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Here's a rough sketch of the guitar I'm going to build (my first):


I'm going to redraw it tomorrow making sure everything is squared and the lines are straight, etc...but you get the idea. Horizontal red line is where the saddles will be.

and are my questions:

Will I run into trouble using a compound radius neck ( 7-1/4" to 9-1/2", from USACG) and a telecaster bridge?

I don't want a pickguard so I'm going to route a control cavity in the back. It's not going to have a top glued on so I'm wondering about how to go about routing/drilling so the pickups' wires can hookup with the control cavity.

I've read that the nut should be radiused to match the radius of the fingerboard at the nut. Since I don't have the right tools, I'm thinking about getting a pre-cut curved bottom nut from Stewmac. Will this work with the 7 1/4" radius?

Many thanks in advance.

(I have some scrap cedar I'm going to practice building it with too).

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Well, I like the design, its fairly original.. but i dont really care for the way the upper cutaway comes in as far as the lower cutaway.. makes the upper horn look too long and thin.

The compoud radius will work with the tele bridge.. how do you think Fender does it!

Rout the cavities deep enough so that the wood left is about the thickness a top would be, is all i can say on that.

Buy a nut that is the radius that your fretboard is at the first fret.

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use a straight nut. file the top to suit the radius of the strings after the slots have been perfected.

that's the right advice. the radius of the nut is determined by the depth of the slots, not the top or bottom of the nut.

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