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First Project Bass

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I bought (amongst other bodies) a Precision Bass bodie on Ebay.

It's currently being shipped but i'd like to think ahaid and do a little research and get some feedback

The wood is Brazilian Red Pine (pinus)

I read that this isn't exactly a good tone wood? Also i read that it has a warm tone.

Any experience with this wood?

Since i thought it didn't have many good tonal qualities i thought i could go with EMG's + they are easy to install... so that might be good for a starter like me.

An additional (stupid) question about the EMG's, since they are active, does the controle routing need shieldingtape? Might be kinda obvious, but you can never be to sure ...

Also, i had an idea of the finnished product in my head. So if any of you guys are handy in Photoshop, go ahaid and make my dream come alive just a bit sooner than the actual deal!

I wanted a white body with blue pearl pickguard, and chrome pickup and bridge covers.

Neck, mmmz i don't know, maple or rosewood ... what would be the best for the pine body???

Anyway, hope you can help me out

I'll post pictures as soon as the bodies come in (i also ordered some tele bodies)

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