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Randy Rhoads Polka Dot Inlays


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Just thought i would show the inlays for my polka dot v im working on .

I would also like to say even though this is my first inlay project , i found it much easier than i thought it would be . I took my time 1 hour or so on each bowtie to try get them as good as i could .

I would also like to thank perry for going above and behond helping me out , and all the great people here for there inspireing guitar builds and tutorials etc .

So i guess im trying to say to all the new builders , take your time get some supplys and ask questions . If someone with my skills ( or should i say lack of skills ) can do it you can do it too .

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You shoulda taken more pics during the process, I want to put some 'non-standard' inlays in my first project, but have no idea how to do it (mos the tutorials I've found are just for putting in dot inlays, nothing 'fancy'.

Looks nice though, I'm considering trying an RR for my first project.

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Thanx for all the kind words people


There realy is nt much to it .

step one is to cut out your inlay pictures and mount them onto your MOP . I used spray on adhesive , its cheap and wont swell your paper . I tryed to use white glue at first but that swlls your paper .

Now you can cut out your mop with a jewelers saw ( takes ages )

So i used my dremel with a fine cut off wheel ( make sure you wear goggles the wheels shatter sometimes and go everywhere ) , you don,t have to cut them exact at first . Stay out side the final shape , then use your dremel grinding stone to get the final shape . Its very quick , you can knock them all out in around 2 hours . It realy is very easy . Its just like dot to dot stay in the lines type of thing .

Once you have your bow ties ready , i put all the dots into my board . Rule down the centre , then rule from one side of your board to the other . This will make a cross , the centre is where you punch your board for drilling . ( rember to work out how wide you want your board to be first ) Use a bradpoint drillbit , you can put the point right on your punch mark . Once again all very easy , take your time . And put some tape on to your drill bit once you have got how deep you need to drill for the dots . ( test first on the end of your board you wont need , drop a dot in and see how deep it is ect )

Drill your dots now

I used more spray mont on the back of the bowties ( cut the excess paper off ), then i superglued the bowties to the board . The paper you glued to the back of the bowtie will help when you need to remove the bowties , i did't crack one as its only the paper that is glueing to the board with the bowtie mounted ontop . ( kinda a version of setchs exellet tape inlay method ) Trace around the bowtie with a scapel , take your time you don't have to go real deep just kinda scrape around them . When youv finished traceing around all the inlays you just use a scapel to slide under the bowtie and they came off easy . Or you can just push hard on the fat end of the inlay and they pop off fairly easy .

Rub some chalk onto the board and rub it with your thumb , you ll see how it fills the scapel marks you did around the bowties .

Now grab your dremel and set the debth to a little under your mop thinkness and start to rout out our shapes . Take your time and stay close to your chalk marks . i brought the dremel router base for all this work . easy stuff again , just like drawing inside the lines but your useing a dremel

I use superglue to glue in the inlays and used a radius block to sand everthing flush .

It realy is much easyier than i thought . And you can do a few tests on the end of your board to get some confidence first .

Supplys where brougt from perry ( see list )

1 ounce of MOP ( prob get close to 2 sets from this )

jewelers saw ( Did nt use this much at all )

Mop Dots

Router bit ( i think its stewmac 5151 carbide bit )

Ebony Fretboard Pre slotted 25''scale radius 12 ''

Radius Block 12 ''

Other bits i got localy



super glue



If you need any help just say the word . Im not a expert but im fairly confident now .

Hope this is of help

You can do it too people

Now go be one with the MOP and your fret board :D

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