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Mounting Tuners The Wrong Way?

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Hello, my question is this...

Is it important to mount the tuners so the peg is higher than the rest of the tuner or not? I have locking tuners and i had not really taken this into account when I designed the headstock... But now it's cut and i've made the holes, and I realised that it looks ugly the tuners the right way...

Anyways, thanks!

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unless you have reverse cut gears(which you probably wont) the knob will have to be turned clockwise rather than anticlockwise, if you can put up with that, then there is no problem.

Edit: are you talking about the knob shaft or the string post? if I've reread it correctly, then you have them on the wrong way to start with, I'm confused!

Edit again: forget that, I think my answer is correct for what you said.

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alright thanks... I'm still wondering if I should... Sperzel will be written upside down :D


not if you learn to play like hendrix :D

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