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Archtop Tele

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Or anybody has done it and has pictures of the process?? I see Drak and Alberto and BigD are making their teles :D , I had this tele project a few months ago, and now it seems like the time has come for it to be finished finally! Yeah, I'm gonna jump into the tele bandwagon!! i'm using a maple/ebony neck i got like 5 years ago, and this mahogany body i plan to chamber, before coming to england, i had thought of making it sorta like a Telecaster GT, then decided and make it like one of those Schecter plane graphics, now i wanna do something like in between, arched top tele, with some graphics...any pics are appreciated, suggestions as well, thanks a lot! :D

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My personal suggestion is don't arch it; I can't think of a single arched telecaster that I like the look of. Telecasters work because of their simple, clean lines. A single F-hole can look classy (I do like thinlines), pickguards look great, but beyond that...rather have something closer to a Peavy Wolfgang/MM Axis, if you want a tele-esque carvetop.

However, beyond that, just look at any 'ol arched guitar/top plate carving tutorials, figure out how you want to arch things, and go from there.

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