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Polyurethane Clear Over Acryllics?

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Hey, after :D ing lots and lots of topics.

I can't find one that answers my question.

I am using an Aerosol Acryllic based Car paint, and I am wanting to finish it with a hard clear coat. from what i understand Poly's are one of the hardest coats and seem to protect whats underneeth.

My question is:

Can Polyurethane clear be used OVER an acryllic based paint as a clear coat?

Also, the Headstock Vynal I have can only be clear coated with Polyurethane.

Thanks in advance!!

StolenGuitar :D

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I don't know of any compatibility problems between cured acrylic lacquer and 2-part poly clear, but don't take my word for it - ask the guys you're buying your poly from. I know the HOK Shimrin bases are compatible with either acrylic lacquer or poly enamel clearcoats, but that may not hold true for everything. I have sprayed catalyzed auto poly over water-based acrylics (Auto Air) with zero issues and spectacular results, but that's not quite the same.

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