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A tragic reminder


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As some of you may know, I have been an auto parts/PPG paint salesmen for the last 11 years. One of my best paint customers was a guy named Jerry. Jerry worked for an indutrial rental business. He was basically the man that repainted all the equipment. I had been selling him paint since the day I started my job.

The other day, his boss came in and informed me that Jerry was dead. He was only 45. I was shocked and asked what happened. It turns out he did most of his paint spraying in an outdoor type "canopy" as most of the equipment was fairly large. The guy NEVER wore a mask! His liver's toxicity level was higher than his doctor had ever seen. His body could not filter the toxins at all. It is a shame that a good man and customer had to be so lazy about his own safety...

I guess this is just a little reminder on something that Jeremy stresses constantly. Wear a respirator!

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Sorry for your loss man :D

I dont even like going into the paintshop without a respirator period let alone when Doug is Spraying

Thanks, Scott.

The thing is I think Jerry actually thought that by spraying in an outdoor canopy, he wouldn't inhale the fumes. His boss said he would paint a piece of equipment, and cough up Caterpillar Yellow PPG Concept for an hour or two. I just can not understand how he didn't think this was a bad thing.

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The big problem is, these paints have been around longer than it's been known just how deadly they are and what the long term effects are. Epoxy based, poly urethane based, ester based, they are all deadly, many contain cyanacrylates or cyanide compounds for curing. In many cases the overspray is harmless until it lands on the item being sprayed and actually "flashes" or begins to cure, this is when the gases are released. The overspray of course is deadly because it does the same thing when it lands on you.

What happened is, there were thousands of people who sprayed this stuff without realizing or even being able to FIND out about the long term effects of the product, so they didn't believe they needed any protection. Fortunately for US, we can learn from their misfortunes. I just recently purchased a brand new fresh air turbine respirator system, $1600 up front cost, long term life saver, I think I can live with the $1600 up front cost.

Another thing to consider, many of these paints (Primarily solvent based) are not only deadly to breathe, but they absorb through skin, through eyes, etc, when I spray it is with a paint suit and a full face mask with clean breathing air.

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your customer, let it be a lesson to anyone who thinks that just spraying outdoors is adequate. You're still the closest thing to all that overspray and you will be sucking it in. Be careful, this is our lives we're talking about.

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B) Sorry to hear about that.........

Kinda makes you want to put a sign up in your shop asking to see proper protection or something before selling paint :D

I agree. However, Texas law states that a seller can not sell to a minor (under 18). That is my ONLY guideline.

Jeremy I agree that many "old school" painters did not know the short or long term effects. Many of my customers are retired paint and body men that just spray in their garage. And I know one for sure does not use a respirator.

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The first guitar I painted I didn't wear a mask.. and man I got sick, and light headed.. Yeah I was stupid.. but.. didn't take me long to decide I needed a good respirator.. now when I paint I don't have any side effects.. Maybe there should be an acticle or tutorial on paint safety... maybe will help people not suffer any side effects from painting... LGM made some very good recommendations...


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