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Post Fitting

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Can anyone tell me if the posts are supposed to fit tightly into the hole (use a dead-blow to pound them in) or should they just drop into the hole without any force?

I have nothing to go by for this installation - if anyone can point me to a site that has a Floyd installation guide that would be great also. I don't think I'm going to have time to wait to order another video from stewmac.



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Hi Dave, they should fit snuggly.........

If you need to tap them in with a hammer place a piece of cardboard or cloth over the top to avoid damage. Usually I measure the diameter on the outside of the anchors and minus the depth of the ribs running down the sides so they can grab into the wood.

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In case anyone else wants to know, here's what I found:

I am using an original Floyd Rose Trem (from Warmoth). I used a 25/64 bit (thanks to KrazyDerek for letting me believe this could be right). The posts seemed like they were not going to go in and I was worried that I would pound them in part of the way and try to back out and be stuck.

They actually went in fairly easily with a dead-blow and a piece of oak. I put them as far in as I could without running into trouble on the back side. After trying it out with the bridge and some test strings - things are starting to look decent B) . I really didn't have anything solid to go by for guessing the proper depth except an estimate of the fret height and the maximum depth the guitar's body would allow.

I guess time will tell if I have to rip it back out somehow. Thanks very much to all who helped. I will try not to bother you too much at least until I get to the painting/finishing stage (yikes :D ).


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I drilled the holes for my stud anchors too big. But I just epoxied them and they are rock solid. I didn't want to pound mine in because I had carved out a lot of wood in the trem cavity and was afraid it would split, the holes were very near the outside of the wood. I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants with this stuff. I'm not so much for that fancy book-learnin' :D

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