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Neck Heavy Guitar


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i am almost up to finishing stages of my lastest guitar/ bass , its a neck through, and its a little neck heavy. i have read somwhere on here, that if u drill a hole in the control cavity into the wood, and fill it with solder/lead. now my question, if i were to drill a series of shallow but very large holes beneith the pickup routes would the lead interfere in anyway with the pickups? the pickups are SD bassline actives if that adds any problems

thanks in advance



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Try repositioning the strap button first --I moved the button on the Bocaster (see avatar--the body is quite small and built of very lightweight wood) to the back of the heel of the neck and now the guitar balances quite nicely.

I wouldn't fill my guitar with lead, personally. But if you have a control cavity, you could try adding in a heavy plate (steel, lead, etc) there.

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sometimes just adding the finish creates enough extra weight on the body for balance.sometimes adding the hardware takes care of it.

but balance is very important to consider when you make the design.

a well balanced guitar will feel better on your back and neck than a lighter,off balance one

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