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Installing A Tremolo

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You can find ready made templates a number of places. Stewart-MacDonald carries most everything you need for building (a little pricey on some stuff) and there's lots of free info on the website.

If you can't find what you're looking for by searching the forum or on the main site, Google it. Here's what I found on Floyd Rose type routing templates:



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thank yall very much i will try to do this..... i just hope it will fit without any body modifications or anything like that.... thats all im worried about

Um, you realize that they're talking about a substantial mod to the body? You're going to be routing a big ol' hole in the middle of your guitar.

Mind answering a couple of questions?

1. Is this your only guitar?

2. Do you love this guitar?

If the answer to 1 is yes, DO NOT mod this body. You'll be stuck without a guitar for at least a month (but more like several months, depending on how slowly you work).

If the answer to 2 is yes, DO NOT mod this body. You'll be changing it forever. And in 20 years you might start dreaming about what it might have been.

As long as you're planning on routing, why not build an entirely new body for this guitar's neck (and electronics?).

Or buy a second body that's either already routed for the Floyd Rose or easily adapted for it.

Either way will give you more options than cutting up the existing guitar.

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Or he could use a bigsby(did I spell that right...probably not) vibrato tail piece. Then he'd only have to drill some holes. I love seeing guitars beeing butchered...gets my blood flow'n.

Personally, I'll take a bigsby anyday. But there's no comparison between a Floyd Rose and a Bigsby...they're completely different animals.

I go to town on my guitars...but I always have at least one that's in a playable status...

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From what he's written so far(and his apparent inability to comprehend what modifications he'll need to do), I sincerely doubt he'll be able to tell you the difference between a floyd and a bigsby, other than one goes through the guitar and the other does not.

Sure, I got that. But you know and I know that a Bigsby can't do divebombs, and I'll bet you your new guitar that that's what he wants to do :D

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