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I've been thinking about what is available so far and the many options I have for the future at Project Guitar.

So far I have come up with the following I am currently working on #1,#2 and #3 and plan to do the rest for the site sometime in the future:

1. Painted head stocks - A guide to refinishing those head stocks commonly found on Jacksons and Ibanez plus a few Fenders. This tutorial will include the use of vinal decals with the application and clearing over them so they blend in.

2. Cavity Covers- A step by step guide to making your own replacements for around $5.

3. Faux inlays - A guide to putting temporary inlays on your neck so it doesnt destroy the original integrity.

4. Sparkle Finish- A guide for the home do-it-yourself kind of person which shows how to get a glittery unique paint finish without all the hassle of buying a high priced can of custom automotive paint from the dealer.

5. Two and Three tone Chrome Illustion - How to get it without spending $300 a quart and the results you should expect.

6. T_style Kits- A step by step guide and review showing assembly of the popular Tele Style kits available for sale.

7. S_style Kits- A step by step guide and review showing assembly of the popular Strat Style kits available for sale.

8. Trem to Hardtail- A step by step guide on how to convert a trem style body into a hard tail body.

I am open to anything you would like me to ad to my to-do-list of tutorials for do down the road? B) Just post a suggestion here and we'll chat about it :D

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I've tried refinishing a few. I haven't had much personal success using enamel paints to refinish them though.

One of the trems in the gallery here was originally black.

The success I have had came from having the parts plated by a guy in one of those auto body custom shops. He made one of my old trems look brand new with gold plating.

A few others I have heard have also used powder coating. I have a local guy here that's not only great at it, but can do it in just about any color.

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So a tutorial on wiring a guitar from scratch as a reference would be good to show how it's done with plenty of pictures.

Probably two since they should cover both a front mounted electronics body and a rear cavity electronics body.

There is absolutly nothing wrong with showing inexperience, after all I want somebody who has never even seen the inside of a guitar to be able to come to project guitar and learn.

That way instead of them saying oh "its just another one of those guitar sites" they can walk away saying "Ah now I know how to do it" and come back to learn even more, or request a tutorial (if I can't find a good reference, I or somebody else will make it given the time).

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Ah cheers for that mate.

Basically I will be giving my first guitar a go in about a months time. I have to put up a new shed between now and then...lol. So at the moment I am gathering as much info as possible.

The only things I coun't find much info on was how to shape a neck contour (all sorted now though), and the electronics mounting styles, as everyone seems to skim over that. I worked out how the front mounting works, as I pulled my guitar to bits to take a look, just never seen a rear mount.

The other thing that I was a bit sketchy on was finishing, but those tuts have cleared everything right up. Good work fellas.

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