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New Lindy fralins for my PRS


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Hey all,

New kid on the block. Started on a couple of projects one of which was to replace some DiMarzios with Lindy Fralin humbcukers in my PRS. Seems the Lindys are slightly taller. :D Have to buy longer pickup adjustment screws than the ones in the guitar and the ones that came with the Lindys. It also appears that I have to do a little routing in the humbucker cavities to get the humbuckers in. B)

Anyone do this before? I'm a little nervous as this is my first time doing this and I don't want to screw it up. I am planning to use a dremel tool. Good idea, bad idea? :D

Any input is welcomed. Thanks

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I've found that Forstner bits on a regular drill work well for this.

They don't dig in too quickly or easily, giving you a lot of control over depth. You almost have to force them to dig in.

You can jack a Forstner bit into a drill chuck and have all 4 done in less than 5 minutes and not have any worries that you're gonna come out the other side too fast...


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Welcome to the forum :D

Just be sure where you need to drill for the pickups to fit, I've known some newer people that thought they need to route out the whole cavity when all they really needed was a deeper spot for the baseplate ears B)

While all of the above will work the Fostner bit will give you the smoothest finish to the bottom of the cavity and the dremel with a sanding drum a very close second

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