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Adjustable Bridges

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I was just sitting and thinking about ways to make my project a bit less expensive, and the thought popped into my head: What if I used a non-adjustable bridge? It seemed to work well for Japanese-made guitars back in the day (which was a Wednesday, strangely enough). Exactly how much would it hurt the intonation In the upper frets?

Probably not much - would all depend on your choice of strings of course.

It wasn't only the '60 cheapie Japanese guitars that didn't have adjustable bridges and there wasn't much of a complaint about intonation problems. Gretsch for all those Chet Atkins models pretty much had a bar bridge. DanElectro's... and the Ampeg Dan Armstrong used a simple sliding piece of rosewood - just set the angle of the bridge piece so that the low and high E strings were intonated and play away.

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