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I am refinishing the 24 fret SG I made last year, actually recarving it. I was wondering if anyone had access to an SG for measuring the thickness of the body's outer edge just where the bevels end. My Hagstrom has similar body bevels but overall seems thinner than an SG with only 7/8" thick around the edge.

This was an easy stripping job, btw. A DeWalt palm sander with 100 grit Klingspor paper and a cordless drill with a sanding drum for the cutaways was all I needed. Took about an hour. I figure it went off easy because the laquer etc. used had enough time to fully cure and harden. BIG difference from trying to take off a fresh finish where your paper gums up mighty fast.

I didn't really like the finish on this guitar but at the time I just wanted to play it and was getting sick up and fed with trying different things on it. I guess I didn't know what I wanted. :D Anyway, through that process some of the body lines got lost and "obscured" so I am going to recut the bevels and slim down the neck a bit. Then stick with a single color translucent finish to show off all that mahogany.

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I'm just looking for that happy medium. When I rough cut I was afraid I might have gone too thin in some areas and the only way to fix it would be to take wood out of the body shape. I'm also trying to keep the bevel faces flat. I little work with a small rigid sanding block should keep things in line. This is part of the job where it pays to take your time. :D Thanks for the input!

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