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My New Project

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heres the body im using: front:http://i11.ebayimg.com/02/i/04/db/90/17_3.JPG


im thinking of using a maple bolt in neck with an ebony fretboard. schaller locking tuners

prs mccarty pickups, and tailpiece and bridge like one would find on an archtop.

what do u think any suggestions are welcomed.

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If YOU like em thats all that matters, and that you got a good deal is good too. But the f holes are just rude, you should have gone with a traditional f shape, especially if you're gonna use a bridge and tailpiece. It would just look nicer IMHO.

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Hmmmm...... those f-holes i dont mind them :D keeping things different..

instead of bolt on you should go with a set neck, bolt on is just so ugly and completing a good set-neck would probobally be more statisfying

Inlays - split parralellograms - they look soooo good on just about any guitar even the old archtops

tuners - grover imperials - just so high class looking and they are pretty presise

pickups - Jon moore - read the harmony central reviews he hasnt had anything less than a 10 and they are cheap (his set prolly costs as much as one prs mccartny pickup) and he handwinds them to you're specs

he can only be contacted by email - rhonjon@sympatico.ca - i think thats it B)

anyways thats my opinion

good luck with the guitar :D


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I don't think they are f-holes so much as f-canyons. When you get the hardware on there and start covering up wood, they are going to look REALLY big. I don't think they are an eyesore so much as they are just dispaportional to the rest of the body. Just my thoughts though. :D

Nate Robinson

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