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Your Opinion On These Frets?

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They are perfect, FOR PLAYING SLIDE!!!! :D

I think that they look very worn. Could be just grime but dont look like that to me

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gibsonfrets are flat topped.they aren't as heavily crowned as most others.

taking that into consideration,they are probably fine...but you would refret it anyway,right?i would not buy a used neck without assuming i would refret it.

Refret?...a nightmare...

Well, actually, I have the damaged neck from an ebay purchase gone bad here --I could practice refretting on that.

Small steps toward one day making my own...

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That isn't a Gibson neck, it's an Epiphone. You may know this already, but if the seller is claiming that as a Gibson neck, he's a liar.

I think the frets look fine, a bit gunky, and probably in need of levelling and dressing, but not yet a contender for a refret. Can't be sure, but that's my take.

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