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Neckthru With Bookmatched Top

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Hey guys,

I was really keen on doing a neckthru for my next geetur, but i wanted to take a crack at doing a nice figured top as well. I searched on the site for a link, but I couldn't find anything. I was hoping to have the bookmatch meet in the middle instead of on the wings, but i'm not sure how to properly fit the top to the guitar.... :D

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Just plan it out and do it; you'll need to have 1/4" (if it's a drop top) less than you would normally. Build like you would a regular neck through, but saw/route off 1/4" more off the top of the neck-through blank than you would normally, and glue the wings on lower. You'll probably also want to route away some of the neck around the bottom, so you can hide where the top ends/neck blank begins under the fingerboard extension over the body.

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