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Truss Rod Question

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Ok, I bought this old guitar to work on. Im almost done, and I finially got the bridge and the tuners working. So i installed some test strings on there to test the action. Well just as fate would have it, I get alot of buzzing around the top frets. So I raise the bridge, test it, still more buzz, raise it, test, buzz. I basically had to raise it to the top to get rid of it. And as you know, when it is that high, its almost impossible to play well.

I've looked around the neck, up at the top, where you would find a truss rod cover, or a bullet thing on a strat, none whatsoever. Checked the body cavity, didnt find any there either. Does this mean the truss rod opening is on the boot/heel of the neck? Therefore I would have to remove the neck and do it that way? Or is it even possible that there is no truss rod opening, and it is as is? I do have the opportunity to get a neck REAL cheap on an upcoming guitar sale at one of the stores near me, so I need to act fast or not at all.

Thank You.

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it could be adjustable at the heel of the guitar, but you dont have to take the neck off, you just have to remove the neck pickup to adjust it

you might as wel pick up the cheap neck as well and then you have one kickin around, incase you do need it


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Three questions.

1- Did you replace the bridge with the same type of bridge?

2.- Have you checked the neck with a straight edge?

3.- Did you check the string height at your frets just below the string nut?

You need to give details if you have done these tests. Based on what you have told me I can't say what is going on. I wouldn't start adjusting the truss rod unless you know what the problem is. As for the other neck. Buy it if you want it and its a good deal. You will need to set that neck up also if you install it. I am assuming you are confident the new neck would fit this bodys pocket and be the correct scale length et....

Good luck! and keep us informed on what you find.


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More Qs:

Brand of guitar?

Model of guitar?

Pics of guitar?

Makes it easier to help...

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To answer some of your questions:

Brand of guitar: A&C customized (no big name)

Model- Takes after a mustang/jag stang (two single coils with two sliding switches above and the control plate below)

Sorry no pics with me

Bridge- I kept the old bridge that it orginally came with. I really like, its like nothing I have seen before (which could be, because it never caught on heh)

Neck- I have not really taken an actualy straight edge and looked at it. But I have raised it and looked at it. It looks fairly straight meaning, it looks pretty perfect as is.

String Height- When I say how far the strings are from the neck I'm reffering to the frets.

Miscellaneous Info:

It would be easy to imagine this guitar just like a PRS or a SG with the stop tail piece and the bridge slightly above it. Except really not that fancy haha. So I have had to raise the bridge up because of the fret buzz. Im gonna really try to post some pics on here, because its hard to explain it with words. Also I'm really sorry I couldn't be more help, the guitar in question is at my dads house, but I will see it tommorow actually.

More Input please? Thank you.

EDIT: BTW I would like to add in response to Curtis'es reply that my guitar is not electronically operationally. Meaning that Basically I have the body, neck, tuners, bridge, all the hardware but I have not installed any of the pick ups, selectors, pots etc. So basically imagine your guitar, but without the...guts.

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