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Building A Tube Amp!?


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Anyone had a go at building one of these?


I had a good look at pauls site http://www.diyguitarist.com/ and was blown away with what he has done, but has anyone specificaly build one of these. What sort of skills/knowledge would you need? Seems like a great wee amp for the house and a great project to keep you busy in the winter :D

EDIT: check this too http://www.freewebs.com/grangeomatic/index.htm

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it depends on which ones you want. i mean basic schematic reading skills would help you out greatly. the thing to consider is ARE YOU READY FOR POSSIBLE LIFE THREATENING HIGH VOLTAGE. if so then there are a list of people who sell kits. they sell them on ax84 they sell them at torres even my buisiness partner sells them. but it all depends on what you want to do with it and how much time and effort you wish to put into it. safety is one of the keys in any product.

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I can read basic schematics and i can solder well and have made small electronic projects in past, i wouldn't say hell yea i can build a tube amp,but i can try.The reason i like the look of a kit is that i don't wanna spend most of my time hunting for components and actually fancy a little tube amp for the house, i know its not cheap just like building guitar isn't gonna save you money soi m guessing it gonna cost $500 to get it finished inc speaker/cab etc.

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well what wattage and specs do you want. drop me an email and perhaps i can send you some links man.

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Ansil, do you know if anyone carries a kit without transformers? Like Graham, I can do the soldering, and follow schematics etc, but don't want to spend a long time getting the components together.

I picked up a set of hammond transformers waaaay back (before I was building guitars) and really should use them, since they cost me a decent chunk of change.

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depending on which amp you would go with most of the stuff could be aquired from Members of this forum since most of us buy in bulk anyway.

Thanks to my good buddy LoveKraft I did the smart thing and called a few distributors and got on their lists. thanks again buddy. of course i build and sell amps so i do a bit of ordering also.

i currently have a couple hundred of the following half watt resistors.

this is just off the top of my head here.
















as well as 1%metal films

100 ohm range.

1watt 1M's

and many multiples of









as well as many multiples of sockets and other such items.

I would be willing to bet that Paul and LK have quite a bit of stuff as well on hand. if you are looking for a one off. then i am sure anyone would be interested in trading??

Ot hey paul do you need any OT's i got some more vintage ones like the one i hooked you up with before.

if you just need the caps and resistors as far as i am concerned you could have those if you are in the usa i can flat rate you a package. I can't do this a lot but i just got a few bucks. however once it is received i would apprecieate postage back :D

edited . i just looked at the p1 kits not a bad deal really. at all personally though i would look at what you needed as far as output section goes. i like el84's alot but to me something about the 6v6 i just like better for single ended operation. also do you want more ouput transformer saturation then i would opt for the standard Fender Champ style transformer as i would say it would saturate quicker. [it has been my experience anyway thats what i currently use and love other than my diy transformer.]

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two old radio ot's that were set up to be run eith either 4 el84's or 2 el84's i am in the process of emailing you so i will send you what i got.

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Personally I like the sound of a 6v6 in a single output tube section.

As soon as I sell my godin I'm buying the P1 extreme kit and building it with my dad. 

After cabinate, speaker, kit, and everything else I'll need I'm looking at around $300.

That's how my Octal Fatness is set up. I think it sounds great. :D

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