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to get ready to try my hand at building a guitar, i have taken stock of the tools i have. well, about the last power tool that i need is a bandsaw. i've got a drill press, couple routers (including a router table), table saw, assorted clamps and hand tools. i even have a fairly good planer (albeit tabletop - dewalt dw735). however, even though i have a high-end jigsaw (laser guided), i would really like a bandsaw.

so anyway, i go to home depot and sears and i see bandsaws going for around $100-$150. i can't afford a floor model, so these catch my eye. ok, finally the question... are these bandsaw good enough for cutting out a body?

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The ones that are 100 dollars at home depot are Ryobi's. I've never had an experience with a Ryobi drill press(hell, I don't own one or plan on buying one soon. Maybe after the drill press. Jigsaw works fine B) ) but I do have a Ryobi orbital sander. I think Wes bought a Ryobi and sold it or brought it back after his Delta *trumpets blare* :D:DB) was stolen.

Just thought you should know :D

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My two cents would be to use the jigsaw you have for now also. If it is a good quality saw as you say, you would have no problem cutting out your body . Just cut a little ouside of your lines 1/8" or a little more to allow for vertical blade drift and then finish the profile of your body with a template and a router. Just remember to make several shallow passes with the router and don't try to take too much off each pass.

I bought a used Grizzly three wheel 12" band saw, and while it is better than what I had ( all I had was a cheap Craftsman jigsaw) it is not much in the way of a bandsaw. But, it has allowed me to begin a couple of projects using the template and router method I mentioned.

As a matter of fact, after using this method, I don't believe I would ever attempt to cut a body blank right down to my lines even with a quality bandsaw. I don't see how you could ever get the clean, precise profile like you can routing it using a template.

What I woud like to have a quality bandsaw for is re-sawing to make bookmatched blanks for tops. That will have to wait unfortunately. Right now I am saving for a quality router myself.

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