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Are Cheap Parts Worth It?

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Has anyone used the parts on www.guitarpartsusa.com they are very cheap and i am on a budget so they fit in my budget fine. But if they are not good i would rather just wait and get good quality parts. Are the necks high quality? Do the pickups sound good?. If anyone has any info please reply or if anyone knows any other stores with very good prices that sell high quality stuff please tell me.


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Looks like Chinese import stuff. "Some" of its licensed by--and the prices reflect that. The rest of it is the typical stuff you'll find on any cheapo Asian guitar.

In other words, it'll be cheaper just to buy the entire cheapo Asian guitar for the parts you want.

That said, you really get what you paid for. I bought two tele knockoffs. None of the parts are useful in the long run. It's all cheap stuff.

A nice basis for a first project, I suppose.

But what I finally figured out is that, if I'm going to spend all that time working on a guitar --and it takes me a lot of time, just doing a simple thing can take me the better part of a day to get it right ---then there's no point in wasting all that effort on cheap parts.

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The hardware on that site is marginal.

The pots and switches work well. Knobs are exactly the same as OEM.

Ironically the size and knurl pattern on their string thorugh ferrules and stew -macs are identical. (among other parts)

Like he said you get what you pay for. A lot of the chepos you find on ebay are the same stuff.

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If you want inexpensive (inexpensive, mind you, NOT cheap-o) parts, try Guitar Fetish Store over at eBay stores. They've got some great products - bridges, tuners, ferrules, etc. They even have their own little line of pups (GFS Pickups) that are pretty great for the price. I just installed a GFS Hot 'lil Puncher in my Tele :D

Guitarfetish is mostly interesting because they put all their parts up for auction--their Buy it Now prices are okay, but you can get some nice deals at auction.

I've gone through four different sets of GFS pickups now for my semi-hollowbody. I finally put in their Hot Nashvilles ...because they look so damn good. I paid 1/4 the price of "real" Filtertrons

For the price, the GFS pickups are great. But I feel they lack 'personality'--hard to explain that, except that they feel a little frigid...like they're going to get the job done, but they're not really going to like it.

The other parts I've bought from Guitarfetish are in the same range...they're okay, not great. I bought a roller bridge that just rattles like hell--I can't play that guitar unplugged anymore because of that. I also have a hardtail bridge. Again, the quality is decent, worth the price (think I paid $5 for that one!) but it's only useable if I change the saddles.

One thing I can say, guitarfetish are pretty great with service--they'll usually respond to a question within a day.

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Guitarfetish has very cheap parts , but they are not junk . I ordered a set of his 59paf s , and they sound to my ear easy as good as semour duncan .

$48 for a pair of paf s , exellent .

Watch his sales on flebay , you can get some huge saveings . Buy in batchs is what i do , i got 2 string thru hardtails ( gold and black ) plus set of vintage pafs and a few other bits for $60 .

he is also a great fellow , friendly and helpful .

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find a good ,quality piece of the hardware you want,then shop around for the best price.

example...t.o.m. bridges...the best are tone pros(my opinion,but it is an educated opinion)...so i shopped around using the search on the internet and found them cheapest at guitarpartsdepot.com

while i was there i also found they have good prices on everything...but what i use them for are the aforemenjtioned tone pros,emg pickups,and seymour duncan.

but before you buy anything,go to universaljems.com and see if brian has what you are looking for...alot of times he will have what you want at the best price.

he has a great selection of tuning machines,bridges,and other misc. and even oddball items.

also...if you need something a little more custom,try


budman has quality stuff and he is also a member of this forum

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