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How Is Inlay Material Made?

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Yeah i was just wondering if anyone knows if its possible to make Abalone sheets yourself... or something that is suitable for inlay... i have a pretty big abalone shell at home. Its probably not possible considering i most likely dont have the right tools... but if theres a way to do it, i would love to know... i wanted to make a sheet big enough for like a design too, not just dots... im thinkin at least 1" x 2"

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Find a part of the shell that's large and flat enough to cut a 1"x2" sheet out of :D. If you're talking real abalone, that's what it is - just a piece of the interior of the shell cut out with no processing (other than removing the outside of the shell and maybe a minor bit of shaping).

If you're talking about something like "Abalam" you could probably do something, but I'm not the person to ask.

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It's NOT worth the health risk, or the effort, or the wasting of materials to learn in the process. You also need to have a map, or pattern, to know where to grind and sand and cut to get out blanks that are useable. For $40.00 or less it's absolutelty NOT worth it.

Craig Lavin


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