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Anyone Know Where To Find A Les Trem In Black?

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I've read a few reviews on this thing. The main concern seems to be that it's a bit bulky on the treble side. One man said it obstructed his reach of the neck volume pot just a bit.

My question is this:

Has anyone ever played a right handed guitar with a left handed tremelo? Is it uncomfortable, more comfortable, or about the same? I'm thinking if I just go w/ a lefty trem, I can avoid the whole bulkiness issue.

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glad you could find it, i knew it was out there somewhere :D and im glad you found it to lol i want one for my next project

id say that playing a lefty trem on a righty would be different but if srv could get used to it so can you.

id just go with the traditional right on right as you can see in the pic you can obviously get at the volume pot but you just couldnt do any swells well you could on some things but it may be a bit hard

hope this thing works out for you

*EDIT* SRVS guitar did have a lefty trem - i thinki it happened when he sent his guitar away for repairs and the guy put a lefty trem on it - dunno why considering ud have to route new holes.

*EDIT x 2* lol it looks alot better than the stewmac one lol, that one would be stiff as heel and i think itd fall apart, this one atleast looks like a good solid construction.


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