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Wiring Serious Help Needed


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ok so......push-pull pots - can they achieve the same possibilities as the new fender s-1 system?

dimarzio chopper, i want on its on volume, so id sacrafice a tone (eddie didnt have tone knobs anyway and look how he sounded) so how would i wire that?

250K or 500K on the chopper?

and would you recommend changing the cap on the remaining tone knob?

any help....sorry to be a pain, but you all seem to love this <stuff>, and im a beginner.

Language warning - if they don't use it on primetime network television, it's unacceptable here as well!

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Not quite sure I get all the questions you are asking about.

Typically you would use a 250k with single coils and 500k with humbuckers. But there's no hard and fast rule.

Given the origins on Eddie's guitar (sketchy at best), I'd guess that he had a 250k pot from the strat and then he put the humbucker in there. It would have rolled off just a tiny bit of the high frequencies.

Lovekraft can explain it better than me, but it has a different 3db point.

The rest of your post, I don't get.

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sorry bout the language.

I have a S/S/S strat. im putting a chopper at the bridge, and i want to run it with its own volume instead of the standard volume. basically it will be controlled independent of the two single coils remaining. you have any good links to show how to wire this? cause i cant find it, and my basic electronics is a lil rusty and its being a pain to figure out.

the other question about the pots to use was already answered.

the last one, since one tone knob would be sacraficed for volume, would you recommend changing the cap on the last tone knob. as of right now, all i know is its green, i dont know numbers on it.

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